Primel Family History

Robert Primel
In the year 1100 the primel's were of germania. Zippster class or if you will of coal miner class of people. Migrating into the austro-hungarian region now known as slovakia to work in the mines. Free born not of surfdom, yet working class. Other account's of migration to the british islands. Some primel were Welsh born, some Scottish. Some primel's mixed blood with the gordon clan of scotland. An account in the 1500's of a family named primel whom was accused of the practice of druidism,There again was another migration from the islands back to the main land. Many back to germania but some went to france. To this day there is a french town of tisell-primel. Primel is of german root. Die primel. In 1906 there is an account of the family primel-antel coming through ellis island via boat from germany. The american primel's touched ground on U. S. Soil in 1906. There is a valid family tree still in existence. With mention of church archives for farther back historical proof. The family tree used by the american primel's reaches back to the 1700's. With listing's of those born, there death, & causes.
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