Quest For Fame & Fortune

Donald Boggs
Samuel Reed Williams was born 25 Feb 1804 in Tinicum Twp., Bucks Co., Pa.
In 1849 Samuel & his eldest son decided to join the Gold Rush to California. The son, Joseph P. traveled by land while father, Samuel by sea. By the time Samuel reached California, Joseph had died of pnemonia 5 Oct 1849. Samuel returned to Providenc, R.I. in 1851 with some Gold & capital to open a small Grocery store with his second son, Washington Irving Williams. The store grew and prospered particularly under the direction of Washington who became quite wealthy & was known as the Dean of Providence grocers.
This family claimed to be direct descendants of Roger Williams who founded Rhode Island, but Samuel died 18 Mar 1868 without leaving record of who his parents were or how the connection could be proved. This is this family's Gold Brick Wall.
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