Rigoletto G Garnica's first family

Carmen Hares
This is to let all know if they don't know, Robert had a first family.
His legitimate children. I am a daughter of 7 he had with my mother frances.
It was not until 2years ago we found out that our father died in 2007.
While trying to contact him we stumbled on this information and the grace of god.
We were never contacted regarding his untimely suicide. So many unanswered
questions as to why he took his life and why no one told us of his death
even more important where he was put to rest so we could pay our respects and
pray for our father. This unconscionable act to not even let us mourn his passing.
I want all that know you Teresa and your illegitimate low life bottom dwelling
sons of bitch that you are not fit to have the name Garnica. For many years
this women kept us from having a relationship with our father, even in his
death. Just know this Teresa and your children God forgets no one
you will reep what you sow if not in this life the next. you and yours this will follow
your line until you all do right by me and my sister this will nerver leave you in
life or death. This will be a cancer on all of you especially you Teresa
and your seed until you all right the wrong and tells us why we were denied
our father.
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