Roaring River - poem

PatsyJoReed Sircy
by- Patsy Jo Reed Sircy

My GRANNY said that "ROARING RIVER" is a name for our Family's untitled song;

A tune that times your cradle's rock, but lasts your whole life long;.

I take you with me every day, hear you in my sleep at night;

Whoever named you "ROARING RIVER" said it all, a River named just right!

The current surges through my veins, the River is my Family's BLOOD

No need to search for HIGHS, life skirts an edge, "IMPENDING FLOOD"!

Every Bend hides a new adventure, another page in Life's future log,

Just out of sight, the "RUSH" is lurking, enhanced by the shifting fog;

Each rock is different, but they all find a way to fit into the BED,

A stormy night takes a restless turn, the River wanders EVERYWHERE instead!

Some morn' could bring PEACE that looks as if nothing's changed at all;

Another might show everything, the depth's deceit that makes the trees look small.

ROARING RIVER, ROARING RIVER, don't ever let the lonely silence fall on my ear;

A fading ROAR, my Family's River ceasing flowing, last worldly sound I'll ever hear!!

7 JULY 1997
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