Robert Mahr, First Love in Lutherville

Lesley Baber
Always will remember Robbie. How I met him, he would meet Connie and meet her when she got off the bus from school. We all walked the same way home across the street. Rob being himself tried to be friendly and I smiled. One day out the no where he called to asked me to his Jr Prom, he went to Calvert Hall. ME! I started seeing him slowly. I worked at an ice cream and candy store at first and walked there. I went to Dulaney Sr Hi two blocks near him and his mother work as a bar hostes. He was born a Jew but was raised Christian. His father was a trailed and left the family years ago and had a family in China. Life with him was fun and I loved him but it turned the wrong way when he meet the wrong people. He started his own business and ended up bankrupt and took me down. He was a woman's person at the end and I did meet up with him when he had nothing and I was on a new road with a new husband.
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Karen Mahr I think he was my step brother, I am really sorry to hear he had passed away.
Apr 23 · Reply
Mei-Ling Mahr please contact me regarding Robert Mahr, much thanks! Joyce Mahr. [contact link]
Apr 24 · Reply

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