Robert Tiedt, by Alleysha

Alleysha Tiedt
Robert W Tiedt was a great man. He was always out going. If you were upset about something he would help you and make you happy again. He was my grandpa. I miss you grandpa. Thanks for watching over me and helping me get through the hard times. I wish i could still come over sit on your lap and say i love you grandpa. But now that your gone i cant. I go take care of grandma give her someone to talk to. We talk about you all the time. I love and miss you grandpa. Theres not a day i dont think about you. We had our dumb fights. But your in a better place now and thats all that matters. Your not hurting anymore. I miss the days we used to go camping and me asking if were almost there yet and you saying if you dont stop asking that ill pull over and you can walk the rest of the way then i shut up right away. Wow its been 3 years now and still in my heart everyday every hour every second. I listen to some sad songs and say wow i love him and miss him I love you grandpa. Well i guess ill see you up there sometime. P.S. We see your favorite birds all the time thats how ik your watching over me everyday. I see at least 3 of them a day.
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