Russell Hugh Burgar

Doreen Harvey
Russell was born on September 29, 1896, to Hugh and Cora (nee Rowe) Burgar.
In 1900 his parents took him, his older sister Urith (b 1895), and younger brother Hiram (b 1899) and moved to Alberta. Their family were accompanied by his grandparents, Frederick and Eliza Burgar, and his aunt Catherine Burgar.
Hugh and Cora first lived Wetaskiwin, where his brother, Levingston (b 1901), and sister Doris (b 1905).
Their family moved to Edmonton where Russell (still in school) joined the 19th Alberta Dragoons. Three months later, on January 4 1915, he enlisted, and became Private # 432149, in the 49th Battalion of the Canadian Regular Infantry.
Russell was killed in action, on May 2, 1916, and buried in Maple Copse Cemetery, Leper, West Vlaanderen, Belgium (Special Memorial J 11).
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