Sarten Family History

Kelly Walker
From Oklahoma and the foot hills of the Ozarks to across the seas of England, Australia, Ireland and others: When I started this Journey it was with my Grandparents on my Mom's side, and my grandmother on my Father's side, my parents and my self. I ended up with my Husband, my children, included. Now my Grandparents are gone, and it is just my father, aunts, uncles, cousins both near and far, myself, and all my immediate family.
I never realized the places my journey would take us, the grandparents stories and lives I would learn about and the extended family that I would find and friend. We are truly blessed with good family, and loads of kind hearted people in our family. I am now prouder than I could have ever been, not knowing my roots before, as now knowing where a good portion of my roots came from. We are a good mix and stock of , pardon the expression, breeds.
Our families have overcame, achieved and excelled in ways unimaginable to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren today.
The ext-ream life they had to live, fight, and over come is great, I know now, where my spirit and strength all come into play. Which now is stronger than it has ever been. I am afraid with my health, I will now need this more than ever.

I am now working on a story board type of writing to put my leanings to use, so that all my read what I learned on this long journey back in time and paper trails. As I get things together and looking good, I will add it hear.
The one thing I have learned is, My family history/Genealogy work has lead to links in other's research as well. I did not realize the importance of this work, till the puzzle pieces started fitting together. WOW, it still blows my mind, and takes my breath away.
So out of dedication and love to my grandparents and parents, I take great strides in doing this work. For it is my duty now to full fill my part to restore the history of these families and their linking ties. For others to see and read. For documentation of these families to fall into history where they belong and deserve recognition for their trials of life itself, to preserve our rights and liberties, to make us descendants a better way of life. Amen.

To be added soon: "From Oklahoma and the foot hills of the Ozarks (Arkansas) to across the seas of England, Australia, Ireland and others." A mixed history in the US and Abroad.
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