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Cindi Scott
I have seen the many pictures of the Scott family and am wondering what connections they have with my Scott family. I do know that in the early years, many of the Scott's started out in Virginia/West Virginia and slowly migrated west to Oklahoma, Illinoise, Texas and Missouri, etc.. There are other states that I am not thinking of, at the moment. I have noticed that many of the names seem to coincide with my Scotts'. If you are interested in finding more information about the Scott families, a good sight to start would be at [external link] (which is where wvconnected is located at). I have many Scott pictures posted on that website that have not been identified, yet. Most of the pictures are presumably taken in WV, but no positive id's. If you can check out that site and pull up my name there (cindilanhamscott) you can view these pictures. If you have any comments or quesions about these pictures, please email me at [contact link]. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Dennis And Tonya Shank I don't know that I can be of any help. I love researching our family history and our surnames are Carroll, Hoffman, Lawrence, Samples, Bloss, Shank, Christian, and Scott all from WV. Thank you so much for the site on Scott family history in WV. Our Scott family is from Mason County from what I have been told. Twins run high in our family genes and it is intresting to say the least. My husband is Dennis Shank. His parents are Nettie Jean Bloss and Ernest Lee Shank. Nettie's parents were the Bloss and Christian. Ernest's parents were Shank and Lillie(Lily) May Scott. Lilly Mae's dad was Uva Scott. That as far as we have gotten. Not sure if this helps you at all, but we have come to a block and haven't been able to push through. I am going to the site you posted to see if it will help at all. Again thanks.
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