Searching for Birth Father Bmother Betty Allison

Sue Vajda
I have looking for many years for my birth father born in 1928 or 1929 in Texas. I think he married my birth mother in March 1948 about 14 months before I was born. He fathered 5 children me the oldest Gloria Ann Allison,my sister in 1952, my Brother David in Aug 1953 and my brother William in Jan 1955 and another sister in 1956. We were all born in Arizona. I know that my parents seperated in 1956 and we were placed for adoption through the Superior Court of Los Angeles, California Oct 27, 1957.It was a Dr. Toma in California that new our bmother's mother.
I no very little about my birth mother other than she was 18 when I was born June 23, 1950 at St Monica's Hospital in Arizona.She was born in Ok.
I found my two birth brothers In Texas.I haven't met them as yet. I talk to them quiet often.If any of this info sound familiar please e-mail [contact link]. My brothers and I would like to know what went on the first part of our life.
Thanks again for your time. Suzanne Tolman Vajda
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Norma Stuart One of my cousins in Illinois adopted a female ,my couisinwas married to a Allison,do not know what the girls birth name was. Not sure if this can help.
Cousins name Kathryn Allison,now deceased.
But I believe the girl she adopted is still alive. I have lost contact with her but have a address that might help you.
Feb 09, 2010 · Reply

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