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ConnieBowers McDonald
My mother's name was Louella Pauline Cooper. She was born 14 Jul 1910 in Geary, Oklahoma. Her father was Albert Orvil Cooper and mother was Lula Enke. Both of her parents were born in Illinois. The children as far as I can piece together were Lillith B:1896 in Ill., Lucile H B: 1900 in Ill. Haldane B:1901 in Ill., Mack Richard B: 12 Oct 1905 in Geary, OK., mADGE iNEZ B: 22 Jun 1908 in Geary, Ok., My mom, their was another daughter born after my mom but have not been able to find any information on her.

My mom told me that the 4 girls were placed in The Illinois Soldiers Orphans' Home. She said their was a baby about 2 years younger than she was that died there. I did find the 1920 census listing my mom, and her sister Madge Inez as inmates of the home. Madge went to live with a family named Haight in Oregon, Illinois. She married John Claus Snapp in 1926.

If anyone has any information on any of the people or anyone related please contact me.
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Saundra Hummer I have relatives from Ohio who are Coopers. It is also said that many of the Ohio Coopers are related to Thomas Jefferson through Sally Hemings who was a daughter of Thomas Jeffersons wife's father in law. Then there are the Coopers of South Carolina, who we are also related to. Lost a lot of my research, however it is out there. Some of my Cooper relatives had the bluest eyes, just like Gary Cooper, the same look to them. Another relative? Ha. Some of them did come from Oklahoma as well, and were in the timber industry and owned a lumber yard in Oklahoma city and the large Victorian house up on the hill behind it. A judge from our area is a Cooper and his family is also from South Carolina. So he too could be related. He retired early, and just now has left office. He wanted to work in helping end the poverty problem in our area. Scott Cooper is his name, and is very nice to talke to.
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Saundra Hummer Excuse my typos, sitting sideways here and my typing is hurtin!
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