"Tamara Joannides, The love of my life."   Joannides family story

Dylan Santonastasi

Tamara is and still is the best women I ever met in my life. I fell in love with Tamara at 16. She has the greatest family Ive evet met and amazing values and work ethics. Tamara is like a goddes to me. And I can still picture her beautiful face now. Tamara is the most likable person every one loved her she had an amazing personality. She also had a heart of gold. And she is my wife and will always be my wife I know and she knows it. Tamara loved life her mother and father dearly. Rene and Asunta Joannides. Great people and parents. Its is my honor to have known Tamara and love her. She is and always will be on my heart and thought at all times 24/7. Tamara may have. passed on to heaven but she will will never ever be forgotton. We love you Tamara love your family and your husband Dyaln Santonastasi. For ever loved for ever missed.. I love you always and for ever.

Sincerly ,The fam
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Tamara Vanessa Joannides

Born: Mar 11, 1986
Died: Jul 21, 2008 (age 22)
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