Terrance Keane

Teresa Young
I am looking for a man named (Terrence/Terrance) Keane or Keene..."White male"..."Sandy colored blonde hair"..He would be about 50 years old now (2009),when I knew him I was just a very young kid. He had dated my adopted sister,which I would rather not say her name right now,please understand,I am not looking to interfere with any family members..he was a good man and always a gentleman,he even nick-named me "chipmunk"....I believe in the late 1970's very early 1980's he was stationed in Boston,Mass.. and all I really know is he was definately in the Navy... I would just love to see a photo of him from then or even now..please if anybody can help me I would greatly appreciate it..thank you and have a wonderful day...
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