The camping trip

Isaiah Wanoskia
When I was younger and smaller, before I moved he came over to my house and asked me if I would like to go to the Grand Canyon with his family I said "yes" and got permission we left in his parents mini van and since it was just the me,him and his older step brother Dustin we put down the middle seats and sat in the very back so we had a foot rest after a few hours and made it to the Grand Canyon found a camping spot it was a good spot aside from the catus nests around the area after we cleared catus nests made our tent and rested the that nite the 3 of us slept in a tent with an add on side I was going to sleep on that side but they told me that it may get cold and I was the smallest I slept between him and his brother and were right cause it got cold well a little cold but in the morning we decide to take a hike into the Grand Canyon so we did and I didn't know there were ruins in the canyon walls we looked at them after started back to the bottom of the canyon but a rock slide happened no one was hurt but it was from before Anyways the 3 of us wanted to climb over the rock pile but couldn't because his parents wouldn't allow us to so we just went back to the camp. To whoever reads this or is reading this I don't really remember what happened after that because I was so little but I was told that they wanted to take me to Utah but my parents said "no" so I couldn't go.
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