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The Daughter of the Son's point of view

Lakotah Weiland
I am 12 years old and i am the daughter of Vernon Weiland who is the son of Bud Weiland. My grandfather (Bud Weiland) died a year ago, it was a devastating thing. He was German along with the rest of us, but his father (my great grandfather) came straight from Germany. Our name means war, so we are probibly related to many German soldiers and a little bit of royalty. When i heard that our family name meant war i felt strong and courages. It was interesting to look up my family, i found all sorts of information. (I hope i'm not boring you with this.... after all i am a little young yet LOL!) So, anyways, i guess my whole point of writing this is just to say, Hey! Our family still exists here! I hope yopu enjoyed this little bit of The Weiland Family, ty for actuallty reading it LOL.....;)
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Sue Smaw Dear 12 yr old, you are never too young to find your family history, I wish I had done it when I was younger when my grandparents were still alive.
It is a good thing to do.. someday you children and grandchildren will appreciate it. so keep digging. sue
Sep 12, 2006 · Reply
Mikki Harper The name Weiland is of German origin and means "mythical craftsman". Another take on the name.
Also I came across this meaning in German for the name weiland = welcome
I like the last one best...have fun
Jun 29, 2011 · Reply

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