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Greg Dorney
Well, Well, Well, Seems no body is thinking much of the family name now are they?. Hi my name is Greg Dorney and i live in Ireland, Europe.
I come from a family of a 11 people, five girls and six boys, We were raised up in Dublin city, and to be honest we dont know many other familys by the name Dorney. My father lived in Dublin with his five brothers, some moved to Australia, and some to America, we are world wide Dorneys, so lets get in touch, I my self have four children two boys two girls, i now live in Co Kildare, I hope this story grows and grows, cause we deserve it. thanks Greg.
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Rebecca Gilbert Could you tell me the names of the people who moved to America? Do you reconize Solomon Dorney (1831-1901), Willard Dorney (1923-2004) Adam Dorney (1774-1845)? They where the start of a park named Dorney Park in Penslvanyia
Sep 03, 2011 · Reply

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