The Original Gokotano/Gocotano Brothers

Remy Gocotano
Sometime between 1840 and 1845, a Chinese trader, Kee Go aka Samaon Goco Tan, and his brother, Eustaquio came and settled in Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines. The Spanish authorities required all inhabitants to adopt and register a Christian name and he officially registered his name as Simeon Gocotano and his brother as Eustaquio.

Simeon met and later married a certain Marcelina Makasling aka Mansing, an Ilocana tobacco trader and were blessed with 16 children 8 boys and 8 girls but 4 girls died in infancy. His brother also got married to a certain Pelagia and had 7 offspring, 3 boys and 4 girls. Simeon and Mansing became one of the richest couple in Moalboal. They owned almost the entire barrio Tunga and even donated more than 2 hectares of land for use as municipal cemetery,which is being used until now. A copy of a very reliable document prepared in November 30, 1913 made available to us by Mr. Francisco R. Gocotano 5th generation of Tula family, proved the authenticity of the allegations. The said document showed the actual partitioning of all the real and other properties of the spouses Simeon and Mansing by their living heirs,namely Pedro, Juan, Donata, Tula, Alejandro,Aleja married to Tabanao,Pelagio, Celia married to Cabaron,Vicente, Anacleto, Macario and Gregorio. Soon after, Alejandro brought his family, lncluding his nephew Bartolome, son of Pedro, to Mindanao and settled in Pikit, Cotabato. He changed the spelling Gocotano to Gokotano argueing that there is no letter C in the Pilipino alphabet.He was the only son who acquired higher degree of formal education having studied priesthood , but was not allowed to complete his studies due to bad family reputation. One of his older brothers was an alleged criminal, and two of his sisters bore children out of wedlock as Mansing did not like her daughters to marry anybody without good family background.Meanwhile Bartolome, son of Pedro, parted ways with the family of Alejandro and settled in Lambayong, Sultan Kudarat.

Other Gokotano/Gocotano clan members soon left Moalboal to look for greener pastures in some other parts of the country and after a span of One Hundred Senventy Five years, more or less, the descendants of the brothers Simeon and Eustaquio have already been scattered throughout the Philippines and some other countries.
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