The Rose - poem

PatsyJoReed Sircy
by- Patsy Jo Reed Sircy

I saw the BUD at dusk last eve, wistfully I sighed,
I rushed time to have morn' when it would open wide;
The moon's tears were there, to hint a moment's stay,
My memory seized the Blink in TIME, then it flew away!
The petals bulged to show their beauty, I fought a tear,
I strained to think, recall why I felt a Fleeting FEAR;
Hauntingly I reached for shifting grains in Sands of Time,
The CALLIOPE played on, no pause for reason or rhyme!
One Blink, ONE BLINK, I held the precious passing Bloom,
The whirling CLOUDs became a ceiling, with no room;
Would I had turned the GLASS to try to buy some Sand,
A few more grains, but now my ROSE grows in another Land!

No brighter ROSE will ever bloom, none to match that SMILE;
Now GOD smiles down, with ROSE in Hand, the one I had awhile!

7 SEPT. 1997

IMO my REED cousin,
Edna Diane DeMontbreun Eagar,
gone too soon!
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