The Saunders Lost at Sea

Anna Daniels
My Great great grandfather was Joseph Cyril Saunders. He was married to Sarah Elizabeth Saunders who was born July 23, 1862 and died in 1925.
Sarah believed to have come to the BWI Islands of either Spanish Wells or Green Turtle Key in the Bahamas about 1860 from England with her parents who came to work on the laying of the cable from England about 1958.
Her uncle was said to have been a key figure on the work of the cable.
Do not know how many children grandparents had but, the story is told he built walls around his house for fear the natives would harm his daughters.
Family moved to Key West, Florida after Joseph was lost at sea.
Sarah was a seamstress and raised her children alone. Later she moved to Miami, Florida.
Joseph and Sarah had 4 children: 1 boy and 3 girls.
Their boy was my great grandfather Thomas Franklin Saunders. He was born Sept 22,1884 in the
bahamas. He married Ella Louise Barclay Cleare of the Bahamas on Sept 1, 1906. They had one daughter LaDorna Louise Saunders Daniels (my grandmother). She was born January 25,1912 in Key West, Florida.
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