The Timewalker - poem

PatsyJoReed Sircy
by- Patsy Jo Reed Sircy

Come with me, and SHARE what my eyes have seen,
Locked in my memory, I've trapped waters, sand, and the grasses, green;
I've walked this Earth with all who trod on History's pages,
Sank to calm seas' deepest fathoms, weathered mighty gales' violent rages!
The Winds of TIME have swept me onward, ever enlightened,
Carried in GOD's own Hands of Protection, I'm never frightened;
I went down with Thesius to slay the Minitor, and set my people free,
Roamed Slave Quarters of the SOUTH, as my family were chained,
and sold away from me.
I painted my story on the walls of Theira, so you would know the
BEAUTY and PEACE of my life,
Sat at Plato's side, as he painted pictures of Atlantis' utopia, without strife;
I promise, never fading, ever before you, I WAS, and will forever remain,
"WISDOM of the AGES," ever pointing your way forward, and
recalling from whence you came.
I fought at Shiloh, and fell to rest forever on the blue side of the Gray,
Ordered my servants buried with me in depths of Pyramid's tombs, to be
unearthed another day;
I saw the great Tribes of America, and buffalo herds, from the Rivers,
as I silently floated by,
Picked flowers in bell bottoms, lived in PEACE with all the World, and
was really unafraid to die.
I heard the cry of children's hunger, got the drift of RAP's anger,
another CENTURY passing on,
I am "THE TIMEWALKER," endless spirit, wandering forever,
transcending flesh and bone;
My PATH and WISDOM varied, depending on WHAT and WHEN
I was passing through,
But my MEMORY is your TREASURE, the "WISDOM of the AGES,"

10 SEPT. 1995
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