The Visitor - poem

PatsyJoReed Sircy
by- Patsy Jo Reed Sircy

One April day, a VISITOR came, blew in without a date,
A TOURIST by another name, the "TORNADO of '98";
"Just come to Nashville!" we told the world, a spiel laced with excitement,
For every man, woman, boy, and girl, a source of great enlightenment.
For young and old, big and small, for all folks, straight and curly,
The MUSIC CITY has it all, so buy your tickets early;
Come one, come all, and take a look, just stand back and admire,
A million stories, flick and book, a good place to retire!
We have the OPRY, and the BLUES, the music from all walks,
The lift that all the World can use, even the River talks;
A narrow miss in "THIRTY-THREE," a preview for this hit,
The signal for both you and me, "Be close as you can get!"

One April day,a VISITOR came, blew in without a date,
A TWISTER by another name, the "TORNADO OF '98" !!!

3 MAY 1998
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