Thomas Misiur, My little brother

Joseph Misiur
Tommy was, and will always be my little brother. I loved and miss my brother every single day. Not a moment passes where I flashback in time and remember a memory we shared [external link]
Tommy loved bowling and bowled quite regularly. Tommy also enjoyed fishing, so much that fishing was considered his true love in life.
Tommy cared for our mother, Janina, after the death of our father(Jozef) and our sister (Michelle) and continued to live at home with mama until his death.
Tommy was an awesome person and, though he might not have been happy about it all the time, he would have done anything he could for anyone that asked for help.
I miss my brother very much and know that in the future we shall be reunited once again. In the meantime, Tommy's memory lives on in pictures, video, in our hearts and in our minds.
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