Uncle Charles Wannemacher

Karina Kulbach-Fricke
Charles Wannemacher was a cousin (first degree) of my grandfather, Wilhelm Wannemacher, 1887-1960, living in Kaiserslautern/Germany.
His father Joseph Wannemacher and Wilhelms father Jakob Wannemacher had been brothers, born in a village named Blickweiler/Saargebiet.
He lived in Verona, Essex, and he was sending care-packets to the hungry german relatives. That was a great thing for us!

One day, I think it was in 1948, uncle Charles visited Europe to see the country from which he came from. He visited my grandparents and saw me, then a little girl, four years old. He caressed my head and said to me (I am translating, naturally he used the german language):
"Hello, my darling, do you like ice-cream?"
I suppose he thought that was the most important question to a little girl.
That was my answer: "I do not know."
Uncle Charles wondered and said to my grandmother Christine: "What is that, Tinchen, why doesn't the sweetie know if she likes ice-cream or not?"
And she replied: "Bad times for us, Charles. She never had ice-cream, so she can not know if she likes or not."

"Oh, no!" cried uncle Charles. "A little girl that never has eaten ice-cream? That is horrible. Here, my darling, I give you a dollar and you go and buy some ice-cream for you."

My grandmother was a clever woman; she knew that in Kaiserslautern there was only one café where you could buy ice-cream, and only at sunday. And she knew, what was the worth of one dollar!

So next sunday she gave me the milk-can and send me to that special café; and they filled it half with a marvellous, delicious, cold and sweet cream that I never knew before....

After that day I could give uncle Charles a positive answer to his question.

Well, that is the story of uncle Charles and me, Karina Kulbach-Fricke, daughter of Ralph Jensen and Ria Jensen born Wannemacher. I would like very much to contact my dear relatives Wannemacher in America!
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