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Nannette Worrell

I started doing genealogies after my sister gave me a copy of a Civil War letter written by my gand-Uncle Thomas Jefferson Worrell of Perry County, Marion, Alabama. I was new to genealogies so, when I saw that the letter was addressed to Uncle William Barnett, I jumped to the conclusion that my great grandmother must have had the surname of BARNETT. After I had begun my search however, I found out that my great grandmother's surname was DUNKIN. I was puzzled as to why my grand-uncle would address this man as Uncle William BARNETT. Later I found out that William BARNETT was the Uncle of Thomas Jefferson WORRELL's mother, Catherine DUNKIN. He was married to Catherine's Aunt Tempe DUNKIN BARNETT.

William BARNETT (1808-1886)is suppose to have been born in TN. He and Tempe had children:
Martha; David W; Sarah A.E.; Andrew J; Frances M.; James Madison; Arminta E.; Myrinda Jane;Albeno Suffire Myteldia; and Bessner. Of these children, the only one I have traced is James Madison.
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I have alot of information on William Barnett family from Ind. & Brush Creek, Smith Co. Tenn. I spent an hour last night trying to send it to you and then lost it all. My e-mail is [contact link] if you want to send me an e-mail I will be glad to share what I have all the way back to 1700's.
May 20, 2006 9:32 am reply
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