Waiting to meet my Little Brother Hinds Yelverton

Meredith Donovan
My mother and father divorced when before I was three, however, I vividly remember my father kneeling down on a sidewalk with a gift for me. When I asked my mother, she could not understand how I could remember that, due to my age. It occurred in Jersey City in 1954, my father was giving me a pair of roller skates for my doll. I do not recall seeing my father after that until I was 35, at which time I took a trip to Jackson Mississippi to meet him. When I arrived, my father had invited his brothers and sisters to meet me also. I wish now I had taken pictures and asked for more information. I do remember though, finding out that my father had remarried and had a son, Hinds "Bubba" Shortly after my visit, Bubba called me and has faithfully called me ever since. We have never met. It is my dream to meet him and his family.
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