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War Inside - War Outside - poem

PatsyJoReed Sircy
by- JaDoM

We didn't believe in WAR, but it took our lives,
We all faced our dangers, smiled, and took our dives;
The WAR raged on within us, it was pain as wings unfurled,
But the WAR called "GROWING UP" was removed from all the world!

There was not a mile to travel, or a letter to write home,
As we sat there, in our bodies, watching our imaginations roam;
Then a letter came by mailman, up our private dusty road,
And instead of only our own weight, now the WORLD would be our load!

We WENT, we FOUGHT, we KILLED the others, and came back without one plan,
But , for all the world to see now, we each were left an EMPTY MAN;
The WINDs of WAR have KILLED ME slowly, and my children, and my wife,
Now I will NEVER live to GROW UP, WAR sure TOOK MY LIFE !!

JaDoM is a pen name of Patsy Jo REED Sircy,
a walking victim of the effects of WAR
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