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Christina Reutinger

Wayne from Ohio/Sonoma County Ca: Wayne Reutinger has 2 sons one daughter Eric Reutinger his first born has passed away. Mary Reutinger Wayne's first wife has also passed away.Wayne has 3 grand children and 2 great grand children. Wayne is from Ohio he comes from a big family My aunts that I remember are Karen , Cheryl, and Delores they are also from Ohio. I never said goodbye to my dad when he passed and I wish I did. I love you dad.I live in Denver Colo. Love Christine M Reutinger.
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Wayne was a sheetmetal worker by trade he has three kids and had four step children from his 2nd marriage to Varla Parks Reutinger Tina Lisa Lori and Jay . Wayne has Three Grand daughters Amanda Reutinger Navarro Arie & Aloni and two Great grandchildren . Wayne ,Mary ,& Eric are deceased leaving Adam his son and Christine his daughter left of the Reutinger family. I miss my family . Live life to the fullest and include your family.
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Wayne F Reutinger

Born: Jun 2, 1940
Died: Jan 15, 2006 (age 65)
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