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What I remember/know about Zettie Vires

Paula Akers
Zettie Vires was my grandmother. Her son, my father is Elvis Frank Vires. Zettie had 10 live births...Elvis Frank, Sonny, Jerry, Dorothy, Tommy, Joe, Jimmy, James, Ann & Joyce. I spent only a brief amount of time with Zettie ...My family and I lived on a property with Zettie and 4 of her children in the mid-60's for a short amount of time... I last saw her in the late 70's when my father brought her to our home in route to Farmington State Hospital. I never saw her again. I heard she spent her latter years in a convalescence home in Cook County, Illinois. Sadly her life was plagued with abuse & mental illness. My father told many stories of the abuse his mother suffered at the hands his father, Zettie's husband, John Alfred Roosevelt Vires. Her husband went by the nickname, Rose. Rose died in his early 40's in the mid 50's.
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Paula Akers The story above was written by myself....Paula (Vires) Akers. I didn't realize I was logged in on my husband, James Akers account. For some reason I can't find a place to correct the info.... Sorry for the misunderstanding and/or inconvenience....
Mar 25, 2013 · Reply
Paula Akers Finally found way to correct info :)
Mar 25, 2013 · Reply

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