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  • William 2.6%
  • John 2.4%
  • Robert 2.2%
  • James 2.1%
  • Mary 2.1%
  • George 1.7%
  • Charles 1.6%
  • Richard 1.4%
  • Thomas 1.1%
  • Margaret 0.8%
  • Donald 0.8%
  • Elizabeth 0.8%
  • David 0.8%
  • Frank 0.8%
  • Dorothy 0.8%
  • Joseph 0.7%
  • Helen 0.7%
  • Edward 0.6%
  • Harry 0.6%
  • Darling 0.6%

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Patricia Darling Gilbert Hinckle Darling was born in 1832, probably in Cattaraugus County, New York. His parents were John Darling of Vermont and Concurrence Bradford of Connecticut. Concurrence was a direct descendant of William Bradford of the Mayflower.
John and his family of four children seemed to move frequently, living in several New York counties, and possibly Michigan and Ohio, before settling in Waynesfield, Lucas County, Ohio around 1844. Here John bought a small piece of land and a house. Unfortunately John died four years later, leaving his wife and four young children to manage on their own. The 1850 census lists Concurrence age 41, b. CT; Gilbert H. age 18, boatman, b. NY;
Oliver P. age16, boatman, b. PA; Cynthia W. age 13, b. MI and
William B. age 8, b. OH.
Sometime after the 1850 census the family members each went their own way. Gilbert moved to Michigan, where he met and married Mariah Abbey Glazier in Kalamazoo in 1854. They settled in Van Buren County, where they raised two sons: Harry M. born 1852, and William O. born 1855.
At the outbreak of the Civil War Gilbert enlisted at Antwerp, Michigan in Company C, 4th Michigan Cavalry. The date was 5 August 1862. The personal description given was brown eyes, black hair, dark complexion, height 5 feet 8 inches; occupation cooper.
The Sept/Oct 1862 Company Muster Roll states that he was reduced to the ranks from Corporal. In Nov/Dec he was absent and listed as Paroled Prisoner, Nov. 10, 1862, Mitchelleville, Ky. The same notations are made in Jan/Feb 1863. A Special Muster Roll dated Apr 15, 1863 states “Paroled. Supposed to be Muster Apr 10/63.”
The Muster and Descriptive Roll dated Detroit June 24, 1863 states he enlisted at Lawton in Aug. 1862, and his description is blue eyes, dark hair, light complexion, 5 feet 7 inches. Under remarks is the word Convalescent. During 1864 he is listed as present at Regt. Com’y Dept. The summary of Returns state that he was taken prisoner by Guerrillas near Nashville Nov. 21 and paroled.
The Company Muster-out Roll was dated July 1, 1865 at Nashville. It makes no mention of the fact that a detachment of the 4th Cavalry, along with the 1st Wisconsin Cavalry were involved in the capture of Jefferson Davis and his family on 10 May 1865 at Irwinsville, Ga. Apparently Gilbert was not part of this detachment.
After mustering out in Tennessee, Gilbert sent for his wife and children in Michigan. In September 1865 Mariah sold their property in Michigan and traveled with her two young sons, ages 13 and 10, to Edgefield, Davidson County, Tennessee, where Gilbert decided to settle. Gilbert worked as a cooper in Nashville, coming home only on weekends.
Gilbert and Mariah’s son, Frank Burt, was born in Edgefield in January,1869. Unfortunately the marriage did not last, and they were divorced when the baby was 2 years old. Mariah moved back to Michigan with Harry and Frank. William stayed with Gilbert.
Gilbert and William moved to Clifton, Waynesfield, Tennessee, where they both worked as Coopers. They are found there in the 1870 census, living in a rooming house. In 1876 Gilbert is listed for the last time on the tax rolls. In 1877 William is listed, and the following year there is no listing. It is assumed that Gilbert died about 1876. His death date and burial have not been found.
Apr 29, 2006 · Reply
Elizabeth Munzing My grandmother was Linea Gertrude Darling born 1898 in West Hartford Connecticut. Her mother died when she was two and then her father died when she was 5. She was adopted by Ellis Clarke and May Hinman Clarke. She had a sister, Gunilla Darling, three brothers, John, Elwin and George. Her parents were George Watson Darling and Lena Matilda Stenberg. I am trying to find any information about the Darlings.
Nov 28, 2009 · Reply