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Khurram Shahid Machuk Geographic Distribution of Shina Language شینا زبان

The Shina language is spoken in Pakistan's Northern Areas apart from Gilgit where most of the speakers live. Other areas with significant Shina speakers include Punial, Darail, Tangair and Astore, which are located adjacent to the Gilgit region. It is also spoken in Gurez, Drass and Ladakh in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It has many dialects, most of which are found in Pakistan, including Gilgiti Shina, Astori Shine, Ponyali Shina, Chilasi Shina and Gurezi Shina. The pronunciation of this language is very different. It is very important to make changes in the script of this language to make it easy. Khowar is principally spoken in the Pakistani regions of Chitral, Yasin, Gupis, Koh-o-ghizar and Ishkoman. Many Khowar speakers have migrated and set up colonies in Pakistan's urban centres such as in Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi. A small number of Khowar speakers can be found in the adjacent regions of Afghanistan.

Geography of Phullawai (Gurase Valley)
"Phullawai is situated at a Longitude of E 74 “33’ 56.0962” and Latitude N 34 “48’ 45.633” covering an area of 52,817 ha, lying between 2,017m to 4,345m elevation in Gurase Valley which is the last union council of District Neelum. The surrounding areas of Phullawai are Astore (Northren Areas), Marnot, Janwai, and Baihks of Kel & Marnot & Janwai. Here all the community is Shina speaking who are originated from Gilgit and Chillas and 98 % community is Shina speaking. Gurase Valley is bounded by the Astore (Northern Areas) to the North, with Indian Occupied Kashmir to the South and Southeast, UC Kel to the Southwest and Kaghan Valley & Gigit Baltistan to the West.
Nov 10, 2012 · Reply