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[deleted] Surnames: Palisna, Mikulasich [Michaelavich], of Terzek [Turzcek], Kustyer, Zöld and Sos – Radic – Horvath – Anjou - Frangipani (Frankopan) - The Horvat of Palisna - [today Paleznik] - Horvati Ostlich of Djakovar - [County of Vukovo/Ancient Illyrian-Roman-Greco] – Merovingian – Hungary – Croatia -Kroat

To see several lists of surnames see box Bartos on [external link]
Try also see any surname carefuly on [external link] because some can be in its box more information than in this article and only then you can understand genealogical tree, which is from my correspondence.

By Eva Bartosova

Correspondence with Princess Susanna Torquatus von Raditsch:

The newer Hungarian Historians challenge the spelling of the family Horvat (or like it to write choose Horvathy, Hrvat, Kroat,) and "of Palisna" and maintain that the Horvats are derived of a Hungarian Genus [race] by the name of from Vancha or Bancha.

On the other hand, Count Wilczek

From correspondence:

saw from records that De Lupis family snagged one of my family's documents in late 1800s. I don't know why they obtained it nor how. I have research so much about them and do not see connection where they can make any claims to my family names or properties.

I am trying to find a solicitor that can help me fight this problem. I spent years collecting evidence and documents to show I am legitimate heir to Anjou and Frangipani (Frankopan) family. It was not easy but I found more than adequate amount to prove my blood connections. All I have shows I am direct descendant and not from that long ago either.

The story of Anjou I have been trying to tell you about for a couple of days now is this.

There was a branch of Horvat de Anjou Frangipani (Frankopan) that is direct branch of my ancestors. There were five brothers to this particular branch of my family. Three from this branch became very famous for something terrible. This is translation from J. Siembmacher's Wappenbuch band 35, "Der Udel von Kroatien und Slavonien. It is a rough translation but important.

With the Horvat were a clan and coming the families of Palisna, Mikulasich [Michaelavich], of Terzek [Turzcek], Kustyer, Zöld and Sos were the sammtlich [sammt: collective part - lich: laughed - Croatian: Rad - happy or glad, patronomic suffix ić - family Radić]. In Palisna titled and propertied. The large historic roll, which Paul Horvat of Palisna, Bishop of Agram [Zagreb] (1379 - 1387) his brother Johann Horvat von Palisna, Ban of Croatia (1385 - 1386, 1387), and their relative Johann of Palisna, Prior of Vrana and Ban of Croatia (1385 - 1386, 1388) played, is generally well known and needs described here not more in more detail.

Crest: Getheilt, Crowned [sharp the first in line] born 5 [five] (2. 1. 2.) Lily behind three oblique beams. (After Marczali H. [Professor of History in Hungary, Henrik Marczali ] in "Magyarorszag" [Hungarian] törtenete Millen. relatives from Caesar. S. 367) [records of the Magyarorszag törtenete Millen. Ausg. Family first recorded in 367].

The Horvat of Palisna are Ancient Croatian Noble bloodline which comes from Palisna [today Paleznik] in the Old Cruiser Comitate [County] and bit of the domination Horvati Ostlich of Djakovar, in the old Comitate Vukovo [County of Vukovo/Ancient Illyrian-Roman-Greco].

The newer Hungarian Historians challenge the spelling of the family Horvat (or like it to write choose Horvathy, Hrvat, Kroat,) and "of Palisna" and maintain that the Horvats are derived of a Hungarian Genus [race] by the name of from Vancha or Bancha.

On the other hand, Count Wilczek (Szazadok 1896, H. 7), agrees from research completed that the family Horvat are of Palisna an illegitimate next to branch from the "King´s house of Anjou". For this hypothesis, also existing is a crest, further proof of the entire effectiveness of this family speaks and finally the circumstance that they become in contemporary of original that specific consanguinei [from the pure blood] of the Anjou genes [race].

This part of translation is very important to know.

*) Although all families Names Horvath stems out of Croatia this is not the case with this particular family. We have received heir nevertheless, whose Croatian origin is sublime over all doubt, or better that Original Croatian Royal Blood living in this branch. In other words, Croatia/Illyrian original origin of this blood line, but mixed with Hungarian and Ancient Croatian King family blood lines are intertwined. Thus the name of this ancient family is from the original legendary family whose King was by the name of Hrvat. "Horvath" (Croat) were named in Hungary everyone however, this family is from aces [first family] of legend Croatian family, whose actual names could not the Magyaren ausprechen [Hungarian language speak as their native language was Croatian] [completely verbalize as native Hungarians].

The other very valuable thing about my direct ancestors here were that Count Wilczek found the claim of "illegitimacy" was not completely true and proved. What he discovered was that this branch of direct ancestors (family) derived from Original Anjou and Merovingian lines. This branch derived from Charlemagne (Charles Magnus). Some historians wrote he had a few wives and therefore the children were not considered "legitimate" by some nobles or church. However records do indicate that he did marry each and every woman he had children with. Therefore they were "legitimate not illegitimate" children. What they argued over was that he might not have been divorced from one wife before he married the next? What I heard as a child was that the church refused to acknowledge the divorces and the new marriages. They considered only the first wife to have been a legal marriage by the church. What is hard to understand is that the church married him off to the other wives and long after he died suddenly claimed the children of all marriages, even first wife "illegitimate children." What I also heard since childhood this was propaganda brought on by political rivals fighting for claims of various thrones that belonged to his children (my direct ancestors).

There is more to the Horvat I of Palisna.

The three of the five brothers got talked into kidnapping Mary of Hungary by Sigismund.

Click here: Mary of Hungary - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is only a small portion of that story and what really happened. I heard a lot about things that are not in history books when I was very little. The way this site explains it, is very mixed up and confusing. When I try to repair the story and straighten out what I know for a fact from family members that passed the truth on, they won't let me. I guess they think historians and not family members know more about our family than we do?

What seems difficult for the average person to also understand is that the Royalty of Europe are all inter-related with one another and have been since time began.

Warm regards,

Princess Susanna Torquatus Von Radic (Frangipani-Frankopan-Anjou de Cognac)
Aug 19, 2007 · Reply