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Updated Apr 16, 2015

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[deleted] Should be related Modrus and Modor, Modur, Modrer, Modrovsky, Modransky, Modertecz, Modertetsch, Modrovic, z Modry somehow related. Modra exist in Bohemia, this is Modra in Slovakia:

Some owners of Modra were Matus Cak Trenciansky after him to the hands of king, from 1388 Ctibor zo Ctiboric /Stibor zo Stiboric/, later Orsagh family.

Stiborovci family contained these brotheres:
Andrej Pochessy, Stibor - Sedmohrad duke and Mikulas Vilkovsky /Widkosky/ and Marek.

Konrad Modrer /Modransky, z Modry/ with wife Alzbeta is mentioned among owners of Bratislava wineyards 1381.

Stibor zo Stiboric dies 1434 and has no heritors, so for short time comes Modra to ownership of Pavol, son of Ulrich of Cerveny Kamen. He hold Modra only two years and it comes to hands of family Orsagh z Guty. Michal Orsagh de Guth, Modra is ownership of this family over 130 years.

Is mentioned also Andrej and Pavol Modrer 1452 and 1466 and here goes about some payments and Jan Hunady and Pope give some documents in this matter in Bratislava.

Descendants of Pavol Modrer who died cca 1467 are in Velka Ida and Kremnica, for judgements also exkomunicated 1470. Page 27 see more Lehotska, History of Modra.

Page 32 says about Modertecz Albrecht and Juraj and later some page says about Albrecht Modertetsch...cca 1590

Also some Modrovic mentioned.

Correspondene with Princess Susanna Torquatus von Raditsch:

I also heard the same information about Bartholomew as well. The name for my family came from Bartalan (Bertalan) which is Bartholomew. I have seen it altered to Bartul and Bartol /Barthol as well. It is still a derivative of the same name.

There is a Bartol or Bartalan - Bertalan who was from the Frangipani branch. This was Istvan (Stefan) Bartalan (Bartos-Bartul-Bartol) Count of Veglia and Modrus Ban of Croatia died 1481 married Isotta d'Este in 1446. Isotta lived between (1425 - 1456). The connection of this Bartol or Bartalan (because there are so many of them in the family tree) is that he was Count of Modrus. The year is off from the 1601 you have.

I do not see another Bartol or Bartalan or Bartholomew anywhere else in 1600s. This of course does not mean anything as you know because the records are incomplete. I am sure there is a way to connect the dots.

If they came from Yugoslav area chances are very strong that we are related!

From Princess Susanna Torquatus Von Raditsch:

.....I was doing a bit of research on my family and suddenly came across your posting about my family. It seems you have a lot of information about different branches. I would like to ask for your help if this is possible? My 4th Great Grandfather was Count Jozef Horvath Bartos Kraic Cognac (Kranjac). I don't know when he was born nor who his wife(s) were? They had children. Count Bartolomew Bartos Horvath Frangipani Kraic Cognac (Kranjac) born 22 Mar 1800 and Count Duimo Horvath Bartos Frangipani Kraic Cognac (Kranjac) born 1786 died 04 Dec 1833. I know they had been living in France with family there until French Revolution when they left....
Aug 08, 2007 · Reply

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