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Henry G Brunes (1836-1916) and Mary S (Kekar Brunes) (1844-1926) were married on 5 Sept 1861 in Marion County, Indiana. Henry and Mary had 14 children total. The 2 November 1916 Zionsville Times obituary for Henry G Brunes reads: "Henry G. Brunes was born in Germany, near the Kaiser Wilhelm castle. He United with the Lutheran church at the age of 16. He came to America as a nursemaid, on a boat, at age 18. He then sent money for his brother to come over, but his sister came instead. She lived in Indianapolis and married a Goldberg. When Henry was 18 he renewed his covenant with the Lutheran church. He met and married Miss Mary S. Keekar in 1861. In 1871 they moved from the city to a farm on the Michigan Road, north of Indianapolis. After a few years they moved their homestead to Trader's Point, where they lived out most of their lives. When this was sold in 1916 they moved to a new home closer to Trader's Point. (After Henry's death their son Henry J. moved to live with his mother. Henry, Jr. continued to live in that house until his death.) Mr. Brunes was a hard working and very industrious man, possessing a business ability above the average. He lived a simple and frugal life, dearly loved his wife and children and his home. He respected and loved his neighbors and friends. What higher tribute can be paid to him than that his neighbors and friends unite in saying, 'He was a good man." During his sickness he sang, then prayed a wonderful prayer asking God to forgive him if he had sinned. He said that he was ready to meet his father, mother, brothers and sisters in heaven. To mourn his departure from this life, he leaves a loving wife, 11 children, 24 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren and many friends. . . . The funeral was held Saturday morning, October 21, 1916, in the Christian Church at Trader's Point . . . The burial was in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery north of Trader's Point." Their 14 children are (in order of birth): Agnes S Brunes 1862 – 1931 William F Brunes 1863 – 1930 Henry J Brunes 1866 – 1955 Edward G Brunes 1869 – 1892 Minnie Mamie May Brunes 1871 – 1947 Dora E Brunes 1874 – 1893 Rosa Belle Brunes 1875 – 1967 George A Brunes 1877 – 1959 Chester Wilbur Brunes 1879 – 1948 Lillie M Brunes 1882 – 1952 Gertrude V Brunes 1883 – 1920 Clara Duey Brunes 1886 – 1960 Earl Brunes, infant 1887 – 1887 Earl Brunes 1888 – 1976 -posted by Justin Roland Brunes, 3 Sept 2012
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