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Name: Adam Marinello
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About: Born in Columbus, Ohio (9/16/76) to "Mickey" Michael Daniel Marinello (born 7/24/50, Columbus, Ohio) and Christine Sue Weaver Marinello (born 12/12/52, Columbus, Ohio), sister Andrea Marie Marinello Hess (born 3/14/73, Columbus, Ohio). Attended University of Kansas and moved to Lawrence, Kansas (8/4/95), moved to Wichita, Kansas (7/1/08), moved to Columbia, Missouri (10/30/12). Married to Jaclyn Marie Zehring (born 12/4/81, Wichita, KS). We have two children: "Frankie" Michael Francis Marinello (born 10/22/10, Wichita, KS), Anna Louise Marinello (born 2/10/07, Lawrence, KS).

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