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Families researching: Baker, Baulne, Bertrand, Campbell, Chevrier, Cruickshanks, Edgerly, McCormick, Ochiltree, Ogletree, Orr, Proulx, Ravelle, Saddler, Sadler, Toal, Tripp, Young

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Sherry Campbell No, this was their wedding picture taken in 1905 and the man didn't die until 1954 at 74 years of age.
Feb 15 · posted to the photo Tripp Wedding
Sherry Campbell In case you don't receive my email again.. I wrote... Guy and Jean Tripp were my daughter's great-grandparents. Their son and his wife... my daughter's grandparent's... were the Tripp/Ravelle line. Do you have an on-line family tree or anything? My email is Sherry
Sep 14, 2004 · posted to the photo THOMAS GRANT REVELLE
Sherry Campbell Hi... I sent you email after I received yours about the Tripp family but never got a reply. The couple you wrote to me about, Guy and Margaret Jean Tripp, had a son that married a Ravelle. After I saw your interests were also "Revelle" I was hoping maybe they also connected. Sherry
Sep 10, 2004 · posted to the photo THOMAS GRANT REVELLE