19th And 20th Century Native Americans

Corn dance

The Cochiti of New Mexico performing a Corn dance in 1888.

Major Ridge, 1838

A Cherokee chief, Major Ridge supported acculturation. He became a wealthy planter and slaveowner.

Crow dancer, 1905

Photo again taken by photographer Edward Curtis.

1923 "adoption"

Yes, it was popular in social circles to be "adopted" by a native american tribe.

Tinpsila Tanka and wife

Fat Horse of the Sihasapa people

A Curtis photo of Fat horse - a Plains Native American.

Hopi dancers

1905 Curtis photo of Hopi preparing for a spiritual dance.

Eagle Bear, 1900

Yurok woman

Che-na-wah-Weitch-ah-wah wrote a book in 1916 that preserved the stories of her people.

Cowichan dancer

Curtis 1913 photo of a masked Cowichan dancer (British Columbia).

Unknown family photo

This is from the Seitz or Sitz family album. Do you know him or his people?

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