25 Photos of Native American History

Updated on Nov 30, 2020.   Originally added on Nov 21, 2017 by Daniel Pinna
Before European explorers arrived in North America, scholars believe that there were upwards of 50 million Native Americans living across all of the Americas. Today, there are over 550 Federally recognized tribes existing in the United States alone.

These proud people have a fascinating history, and thanks to early photographers we have these photos today to remember their historic way of life.

25 Photos of Native American History

Alaska Eskimo with toy kayak for his son

Sioux Lakota Native American “Little” who was a warrior at Wounded Knee

Shoshoni Indian tepee

”Bread” - a member of the Crow Nation

Hamasaka, a Kwakiutl chief, in Tluwulahu costume

Member of the council protesting against the change of names of mountains, lakes and rivers in the Glacier National Park

Washakie, Chief of Shoshones

Chief Red Cloud of the Oglala Lakota, taken 1898

Stands Hard - what an appropriate name!

When this photo was taken circa 1915 the photographer labelled this photo “Old Indian Witch Doctor”

Chief of the Shoshones circa 1900

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