Inside Mid 20th Century Department Stores

Created on Oct 03, 2016 by Kathy Pinna
In the 19th century, general stores were the place to shop for everything. These morphed into the department store of the 20th century. In the 21st century, internet shopping is gaining popularity. But remember the mid 20th century department store where there was an elevator operator announcing the floors (second floor, shoes, hats, jewelry, lingerie; third floor mezzanine and cafe; 4th floor . . . )? Where you could buy everything from tobacco products to notions to high fashion? These photos will remind many of you of when shopping was a destination and a pastime.

Test your knowledge: These photos are from different decades. Guess which by what is in the photo. If you want to know the answer, click on the photo.


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Inside Mid 20th Century Department Stores

Oh, the bridal shop!

Men's shoes

60 years - and men's shoes haven't changed much - at least dress shoes haven't.

The fur salon at Macy's

No more fur salons!

The "drug department"

Department stores had a pharmacy department.

Draperies, of course

Right next to yardage.

Model kitchens at Macy's

"Listening post"

Where you could listen to records (remember them?) before you bought them.

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