Lost and Found Family Photos

Created on Oct 15, 2020 by Kathy Pinna
They may have been found in dumpsters, in the walls or attic when remodeling old homes, inherited from a distant family member, or sold at flea markets or antique stores. They may have been in treasured family albums, with or without names, but no one knows who they are and how they fit into the family. The one thing that all of these photos have in common is this: They all are orphans and have lost their families.

And that's what the people who shared these photos are trying to rectify. They've rescued these unique photos and are working to reunite them with someone who cares.

Please take a look and see if you can help in any way. Do you recognize any clues that can shed light on locations or dates? Do you potentially recognize a face in one of these photos? Leave a comment - every voice counts! Each and every single one of these orphan photos represents a life, is special, and deserves a home with a loved one.

Lost and Found Family Photos

Son of Della Wilson Briggs

So close! His mother's name is known but not his. Even the location is known - Dubuque, Iowa.

Houston TX?

Found in the Garfinkel/Soffar/Gamache family album, someone has to know this family!

Gassagne family?

Found in the Gassagne family album, the owner doesn't know if this is her great grandmother. Can you help?

1909 Chicago IL

A date is known. A place is known. Even their first names are known. But the owner doesn't know their surname or who they are. On the back: "Compliments of George & Louise, Hello Kid! Here is a Photo of two that didn't have anything else to do. --"

Family Found!

Shared in 2007, this photo was reunited with family in 2008. Read the story by clicking on the photo.

Saw His Grandfather!

Found in Ontario Canada, a great grandson finally saw his grandfather. And the person who found the photo did a lot of family research. (Of course, that's a lot of children. There have to be a lot of descendants!)

Distant Family Reunited

Sometimes the connection comes when distant relatives are reunited. That's what happened when a great grandchild shared this photo. It's a great story!

"Hugh and Dollie Pierce"

Found in Santa Cruz CA and purchased by the submitter, only the names were written on the back. Is that enough to reunite them with family?

"Mr. and Mrs. Minnie Hanson Peterson"

Found at an antique store, the original photo has gone missing from the purchasers files. Nonetheless, someone may be thrilled to see this Peterson photo from South Dakota?

"Greenwood Hardy age 5"

Such a cutie - I'd gladly claim her as family! And as a bonus, the purchaser of the photo has added lots of family information. Click on the photo and then on Greenwood's biography.

Central Texas Fashion-plate

No name, no location - but the photo was bought in Central Texas. Do you recognize her or her lace dress?

Unknown boy - Halloween?

He certainly looks ready for trick-or-treating - unless he tries to use those crutches, in which case he'd break his little neck. But someone must recognize that cute little face peeking out from all of those bandages?

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