Our Best Friends Are Like Family

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We get through life with the help of our friends - school playmates, sports buddies, work associates, friends we've made as adults - and when you look back in time how many of our memories include our closest friends over the years?

There are many names that we call our friends - confidantes, kindred spirit, bosom buddy, pals, & chums just to name a few! - and some of our closest friends we consider to be family. But whatever you call them, wherever you met them, they are the people who bring joy to our lives and help us get through the tough times.

When browsing this collection of friendship photos taken throughout the past 100 years do many of them remind you of your friends?

Our Best Friends Are Like Family

Friends can be fashionable

Unknown women

Again, they're unknown but they share a great fashion sense

Do you think they were on vacation?

Unknown girls

Their identical hats say "vacation"

Friends in the service

Military Picture

A tintype of Army (?) buddies?


Bettis family? 1898

Military Picture

Another Bettis family photo - they sure liked to fool around!

Army Buds WW2

Stanley Rossi

Stanley Rossi and friends, they remained friends after the war

Johnny Simon Remigio and friend

Johnny Simon Remigio

Brothers-in-law and friends

Floyd Henry Brinkman Brother in laws

Dean, Dennis, and Tommy Monroe


Friends harmonize

Demetrious Clare

The "Popular Five"

Friends play sports

Camila Coll Poirson

Girl's basketball team, 1955

Friends enjoy their cars

Alexander Steele & George Cummings

Buddies Alexander "Stub" Steele and George Lawrence Cummings 1918

Friends socialize after work

Betty Sue (Lassiter) Sharp

Shell Oil Company picnic

Finishing school friends

Eva Isabelle (Brittain) Hanson - Finishing School

Eva Isabelle (Brittain) Hanson 1913 - when there were finishing schools

Friends are cool!

Tibor Nemeth

1957 CT - look at those leather jackets!


Tough cowboys

Howard Parker

Howard J. Parker and friends

Pretending to be cowboys

Julian Leos

Julian Leos on horse with his friend

Life-long friends

Florence Champlain and Pauline Benham

Even though one's life was cut short - Pauline died in a ship sinking in 1921

Friends take pictures - before selfies!

Jeffery K White & Barbara

C'mon - we all have one of these from high school!

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