Powerful Images of the American Civil War

Created on Sep 01, 2016 by Kathy Pinna
From April 1861 through May 1865, over ¾ of a million soldiers lost their lives in the American Civil War. It remains the largest loss of US life in any single war and the effects of that war endure to the present day. These are the photos of the men (and women!) who participated in the tragedy of the Civil War. Some are snapshots of their daily lives, some are photos of famous warriors. All of them are sure to show you a glimpse into the American Civil War.

Powerful Images of the American Civil War

Andersonville Prisoner Reunion

Andersonville Reunion

Andersonville in 1864

Andersonville Stockade

Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry 1863 Company C

Union artillery park, 1862

Yorktown, Va. Federal artillery park

A big pile of cannonballs!

Civil War - Yorktown, Virginia

Lincoln at Antietam

Antietam, Md.

Army wagons, Virginia

Army wagons, Civil War
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