Santa Claus Over Time

Santa was commercialized even as early as 1868

Surrounded by children

Poor Santa - the children mobbed him in 1897

Santa was popular with the ladies in 1902

He’s got his hands full with children and toys in 1906

Here he is in 1913 making quite the entrance!

Taken around 1920

Jolly Saint Nick in 1921

When the reindeer fail (in 1921) . . .

. . . call in a newfangled plane!

Santa can't forget the troops!

At Boiling Air Force Base in 1923.

Mail early! 1921

Learning how to put out fires in case the chimney is roaring

Posing for the camera in 1925

Dressed up as Santa for a school play in 1950

The smiles and joy Santa brings are unmistakable

Children ready to tell Santa their Christmas wish-list

We recognize him today!

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