Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Prohibition

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Do you know what cow shoes, bootlegs, moonshiners, John Barleycorn and stills are? Have you seen any of them? Test yourself with the following pictures of life during Prohibition.

Did you know: The Temperance movement, active throughout the 19th and early 20th century, led to Prohibition. Alcoholic beverages (their "sale, production, importation, and transportation") were banned from January 1920 through December 1933. While you couldn't distill or sell alcohol, you could drink it - if you could find it!

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Prohibition

Drunk driving?

 Stutz touring bootleg car

A bootlegger ran a borrowed Stutz into a tree at 70 mph - he was killed and his corn liquor was confiscated.

Hooch smelling pooch

The "Hooch hound" in action

Instead of bombs or drugs, dogs were used in 1922 to smell liquor - and steal it!

What a waste!

New York City Prohibition - 1921

Pouring alcohol into NYC sewers, 1921. Were there drunk alligators in the sewer?


Home still?

A still

This is a small still, most likely used for home use.

Largest still in captivity!

The Largest still in captivity

A 1922 photo of the largest still confiscated to that date.

Beer model?

Beer Model

This 1914 photo of a "beer model" for Gimbel's Department store stumps us. She's not holding a beer so was this a special name for a model at the time? Help!

Not a beer model!

Zion City, Ill., destroys 80,000 pint bottles of beer

She's holding a bottle of beer but she's helping destroy 80,000 pint bottles.


Nurse smugglers!

Prohibition Scofflaws

These two Navy nurses were tried for smuggling liquor into the U.S. during Prohibition.

Liquor Traffic Must Go

Constance & Robert Sharp, 1912 IL

What a wonderful photo!

Drinking on the job?

Prohibition officers raiding the lunch room of 922 Pa....

Washington D.C. prohibition officers raiding a restaurant in 1923.

Exit demon rum . . .

Alchohol vs Drugs

A morality play in 1919: "Exit demon rum - enter drug habit."

"Prohibition Group"

Prohibition group, 9/12/22

This photo from 1922 shows that even after Prohibition was passed, people were still advocating against "demon rum".

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