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People named John Le Strange

John Le Strange 3rd Baron Le Strange Knockin, 3rd Baron Knockin
Born: around May 18, 1282 in Died: around Feb 6, 1312 in
John Le Strange
Born: around 1387 in Hunstanton, Norfolk , X-England Died: Oct 26, 1436 in Hunstanton, Norfolk , X-England
John Le Strange 8th Lord Strange of Lestrange Knockin
Born: around 1444 in Knockin Died: Oct 15, 1477 in Oswestry, Shropshire, , England
John Baron Le Strange, 7th Baron Knockin
Born: around 1351 in Of,Knockin,Shropshire,England Died: Jul 28, 1397 in Whitchurch, Shropshire, , England
John Le Strange 4th Baron De Blackmere, 4th Baron De Blackmere
Born: Jan 13, 1332 in Whitechurch, Shropshire, England Died: May 12, 1361 in Blackmere,,Cornwall,England
John Le Strange 2nd Baron of Knockin, 2nd Baron of Knockin
Born: around 1253 in Ellesmere, Shropshire , England Died: around 1309 in Walton, , Warwickshire, England
John Le Strange 4th Lord of Blackmere, 4th Lord of Blackmere
Born: around 1353 in Blackmere, Shropshire, England Died: around 1375 in Blackmere, Shropshire, England
John Vii Le Strange, 4th Baron Knockin
Born: 1296 in Ellesmere, Shropshire , United Kingdom Died: May 28, 1323
John Le Strange
Born: around 1194 Died: around 1269
John Le Strange
Born: around 1412 in Hunstanton, Norfolk , UK