Catherine (Putz) Selinger (1903 - 1991)

A photo of Catherine (Putz) Selinger
Catherine (Putz) Selinger
1903 - 1991
February 25, 1903
Katrina, Austria-Hungary
March 27, 1991
Croswell, Sanilac County, Michigan, 48422, United States
Catherine (Putz) Selinger was born on February 25, 1903 in Katrina Austria-Hungary, and died at age 88 years old on March 27, 1991 in Croswell, Sanilac County, Michigan United States. Catherine Selinger was buried at Memphis Cemetery in Richmond, Macomb County. Family, friend, or fan, this family history biography is for you to remember Catherine (Putz) Selinger.
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Catherine Putz Selinger was born to Joseph Putz and Barbara Harsch and had siblings Joseph, Jack, Helen, and Frances. When she was 16, her family lived on a farm in Buel, Michigan, where her father was a farmer. At 21, Catherine became a naturalized citizen of the United States, standing at 5 feet one inch with brown hair and blue eyes.

On May 7, 1927, Catherine married John Selinger in Croswell, Michigan. Both Catherine and John were born in Austria-Hungary and had a daughter named Dorothy. John worked as a farmer until his retirement, after which they lived with their daughter on a farm in Riley, Michigan.

Catherine was a devout Catholic and was a member of All Saints Catholic Church as well as the Altar Society.
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Catherine (Putz) Selinger
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Catherine (Putz) Selinger
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February 25, 1903
Katrina Austria-Hungary
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Ethnicity & Family History

Catherine was Caucasian of Austria/Hungarian/German heritage. She said in her teens that she spoke German, Magyar, and English.

Nationality & Locations

Born in Austria-Hungary, now called Hungary, Catherine arrived in the United States when she was four. Becoming a naturalized citizen, she was raised in Michigan and married in Michigan, where she lived the rest of her life. Three years before she died, she moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan.


When she was 27, Catherine stated that she had never gone to school, although she was able to read and write.


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She was a member of All Saints Catholic Church and the Altar Society.


When she was 27, she was a servant on a farm.

Personal Life

Catherine married John Selinger and they had one daughter, Dorothy.

Military Service

She never served in the military.
March 27, 1991
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Croswell, Sanilac County, Michigan 48422, United States
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Memphis Cemetery in Richmond, Macomb County, Michigan 48062, United States
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Catherine (Putz) Selinger was a proud naturalized citizen of the United States. She was born in Austria-Hungary to parents Joseph Putz and Barbary Harsch. She grew up with siblings Joseph, Jack, Helen, and Frances. At the age of 21, Catherine became a citizen of the US, described as standing at 5 feet 1 inch with brown hair and blue eyes. Catherine Putz married John Selinger (1898 - 1979) on May 7, 1927 in Croswell, Michigan. John was also born in Austria-Hungary and worked as a farmer until his retirement. Together, Catherine and John had a daughter named Dorothy. By 1950, they lived together on a farm in Riley, Michigan. Catherine was a member of All Saints Catholic Church, where she was also involved in the Altar Society.

Average Age & Life Expectancy

Catherine (Putz) Selinger lived 12 years longer than the average Putz family member when she died at the age of 88.
The average age of a Putz family member is 76.

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Catherine (Putz) Selinger, Michigan
A photo of Catherine Putz who was married to John Selinger on May 7, 1927
Date & Place: in Memphis, Macomb County, Michigan United States
Catherine Putz was a farmer's daughter who married another lifelong farmer, John Selinger, on May 9th, 1927.

She was born in Austria-Hungary, but moved to Michigan with her family when she was a child and became a United States citizen at age 21. She ended up marrying another Austria-Hungarian immigrant in Michigan, and they had a lovely wedding as you can see from her bridal photo.

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That isn't a hat. It was known as a Juliet cap and was there to hold the veil, just as tiaras and various bands do now.

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Catherine (Putz) Selinger Catherine (Putz) Selinger


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1903 - 1991 World Events

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In 1903, in the year that Catherine (Putz) Selinger was born, the United States Department of Commerce and Labor was created by President Theodore Roosevelt to control the excesses of big business. Renamed the Department of Commerce 10 years later, many departments concerned with workers were transferred to the Department of Labor at that time. Another spin-off, the Bureau of Corporations, became the Federal Trade Commission.

In 1947, by the time she was 44 years old, on November 25th, the Hollywood "Black List" was created by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). Ten Hollywood writers and directors had refused to testify to the Committee regarding "Communists" or "Reds" in the movie industry. The next day, the blacklist was created and they were fired.

In 1954, when she was 51 years old, from April 22 through June 17th, the Army v. McCarthy hearings were held. The U.S. Army accused Roy Cohn (chief counsel to Senator McCarthy and later trusted mentor of Donald Trump) of blackmail. McCarthy and Cohn accused the U.S. Army of harboring communists. The Army allegations were found to be true. The U.S. Senate later censured McCarthy.

In 1962, by the time she was 59 years old, on August 5th, actress and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe died in Brentwood California. She was ruled to have died from suicide due to a drug overdose. There has been controversy regarding the circumstances ever since, due to her relationships with Jack and Bobby Kennedy.

In 1991, in the year of Catherine (Putz) Selinger's passing, on November 7th, legendary basketball player Magic Johnson announced that he had HIV. In 1991, the public was confused about the difference between HIV and AIDS (HIV is a virus that can lead to AIDS) and there was little treatment for either. Most thought that Johnson would die within a year or so. Also, the transmission of AIDS wasn't understood so he had to retire from basketball. Magic Johnson is still alive and well.

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