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Gail Burgermaster 1950 - 2003

Gail Burgermaster of Canaan, Columbia County, NY was born on November 10, 1950 in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey United States to Gertrude C Burgermaster and George Burgermaster. She had siblings Bruce Burgermaster and Brenda Lengyel. Gail was baptized in 1956. Gail Burgermaster died at age 53 years old on November 26, 2003, and was buried on December 21, 2003 in New Lebanon, Columbia County, NY.
Canaan, Columbia County, NY 12029
November 10, 1950
Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, United States
November 26, 2003

Gail Burgermaster's History: 1950 - 2003

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  • Introduction

    Gail was a professional chef, horticulturist, humanitarian, and artist. Her undergraduate studies were in fine arts through Cornell University, the University of Rochester, and Norwich University. Additionally, she spent nearly a decade studying horticulture and fine arts through an apprenticeship placement at the Rochester Folk Art Guild, where she was also a chef. At the RFAG she did both extensive sustainable farming and long-term artistic studies directly with an Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O'Keefe understudy. Later, she worked on her PhD in education, doing extensive fieldwork in Africa and the Caribbean. She also worked on a Nobel international relations initiative for decades as a language liaison and resource facilitator and she spent over half a decade doing housing advocacy and community integration work, for which she received national recognition. She lived in NY with her family.
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    November 10, 1950
    Newark, Essex County, New Jersey United States
  • Nationality & Locations

    Gail was an American citizen.
  • Early Life & Education

    Cornell University, the University of Rochester, Norwich University: Bachelor of Arts; with extensive coursework and international fieldwork in education towards her PhD
  • 1956


    Baptism date
    New Jersey United States
    Place of worship
  • Religious Beliefs

  • Military Service

    Gail's family had some minimal military background, with a focus on peacekeeping measures.
  • Professional Career

    Gail was a professional chef, horticulturist, artist, housing and community advocate, and community liaison; she was also a trained mediator. She did extensive humanitarian work and raised a family.
  • Personal Life & Family

    Gail contributed nearly a decade's worth of work to the Rochester Folk Art Guild, where she was a horticulture apprentice and a fine arts understudy in the direct traditions of Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O'Keeffe. Gail had a lifelong relationship with Cornell University, where she took classes over the years; attended church, many lectures, and campus events; volunteered her time; and where her daughter attended school on invitation. Notably, Gail received special posthumous recognition in 2015 for her nearly lifelong work on a Nobel initiative. Gail Burgermaster was in a relationship with Thomas M.
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    November 26, 2003
    Death date
    Cause of death
    Death location
  • 12/21

    Gravesite & Burial

    December 21, 2003
    Funeral date
    New Lebanon, Columbia County, New York 12125, United States
    Burial location
  • Obituary

    On Wednesday, November 26, 2003, Gail Burgermaster, loving mother, passed away just days past her birthday at the age of 53. Gail was born on November 10, 1950 in Newark, NJ to George and Gertrude (Clark) Burgermaster. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Norwich University in 1989, after prior coursework at Cornell University and the University of Rochester and a break to raise her family; she was completing her PhD in education at the time of her death. Gail loved art and photography. She had an extraordinary observational acumen for all artwork and enjoyed visiting countless art museums and galleries throughout New York City, Central and Upstate New York, Madrid, and Africa, among other places. She completed an extensive collection of her own pastels, watercolors, and ink and pencil drawings throughout her life, with a prolific addition of original pieces in calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting. She also loved the natural world and she blended her two main pastimes to create an extensive mixed media art portfolio, which she displayed at Norwich University for family and many friends. She contributed original artwork to local organizations for media use and volunteered considerable time to her communities. Gail loved classical literature and was a gifted writer. She had a deep appreciation for classical and social histories, which she also combined with her love of the natural world, often quoting writers like Thoreau, Yeats, and Steinbeck. She frequently told the story of how she came to love nature and art, sharing details about her observations of the seasons as a child, which she elaborated on in her thesis. She was an avid music lover, collecting many instruments over the years and attending countless local and intercontinental concerts. She was known for her adroit humor, observant worldview, exceptional devotion to her family and work, and her compassion. Gail was preceded in death by her father, George, and her mother, Gertrude. She is survived by her son, David, and her daughter, Elisabeth, her sister, her brother, and several cousins, nieces, and nephews.
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Gail Burgermaster
Gail Burgermaster
A photo of Gail Burgermaster's artwork
Date & Place: in New York United States
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Gail had deep penchants for art and the natural world with an unusual devotion. She was also a devoted mother and friend, world traveler, reader, educator, and humanitarian.
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Did you know?
In 1950, in the year that Gail Burgermaster was born, on October 2, Charlie Brown appeared in the first Peanuts comic strip - created by Charles Schultz - and he was the only character in that strip. That year, Schultz said that Charlie was 4 years old, but Charlie aged a bit through the years.
Did you know?
In 1967, by the time she was 17 years old, on October 2nd, Thurgood Marshall was sworn in as the first black US Supreme Court justice. Marshall was the great-grandson of a slave and graduated first in his class at Howard University Law School. His nomination to the Supreme Court was approved by the Senate, 69 to 11.

Gail Burgermaster's Family Tree & Friends

Gail Burgermaster's Family Tree

Gail Burgermaster Gail Burgermaster

Gail's Parents

Gertrude C Burgermaster of Port Clinton, Ottawa County, OH was born on January 12, 1911. She was in a relationship with George Burgermaster, and had children Gail Burgermaster, Bruce Burgermaster, and Brenda Lengyel. Gertrude Burgermaster died at age 85 years old on March 21, 1996.
George Burgermaster of New Jersey was born on December 11, 1887, and died at age 75 years old in January 1963.

Gail's Siblings

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Gail's Friends

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