1951 Halloween School Party Springfield MA

Updated Oct 20, 2022
Peter Smith shared a photo
on Oct 30, 2012 5:15 AM
That's me, Peter Smith, 2nd from Rt.1951 Halloween party, Springfield, Massachusetts (F Harris school or Faith Congr. Church) Too many years have gone by for names of others. Date could be 1952.
People in photo include: Peter Smith
Date & Place: at classroom or Sunday School room in Springfield, Massachusetts United States of America

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AncientFaces commented on Oct 20
Circa 1951 school or Sunday school Halloween party in Springfield, Massachusetts. What a bunch of cuties!

Did you have costume parties at your school and were the costumes similar? Do schools even have Halloween parties anymore?

I see a little devil, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, a princess, a cowboy, Little Red Riding Hood, and a clown. All of these seem timeless and appropriate for parents to choose now. So many memories are brought to mind by this photo. Remembering our youth with photos like these.
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