1955 Tennessee by Robert Frank

A photo taken by professional photographer/documentarian Robert Frank in 1955 Tennessee. This photo was
included in his book "The Americans."

Born in Switzerland in 1924, Robert's family (who was Jewish) lived under the threat from Nazi Germany although they were safe in Switzerland. This early stress colored his view of the world and he turned to photography to express himself.

In 1947, he emigrated to New York City and began his career as a fashion photographer. He soon turned to documenting the lives of people around him and traveled extensively, photographing real people and their circumstances. In America, he thought that there was an overemphasis on money and endeavored to show the bleakness and loneliness of the people in his groundbreaking (and controversial) book "The Americans" (Many people thought the photos were too "dark" and diverged too much from the (less gritty) photography of the day.)

Frank went on to become a celebrated photographer and moved on to filmmaking (including a documentary on the Rolling Stones) although he returned to photography in the 1970s.

Married twice, he was predeceased by both his son and daughter. He died in Nova Scotia Canada at the age of 94.
Date & Place: in Tennessee United States
Nov 9, 1924 - Sep 9, 2019 1924 - 2019

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RIP Robert Frank, photographer of many generations.
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