71st Infantry Regiment - New York 1861

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The 71st Infantry Regiment of New York has an interesting history. In 1852 eight companies formed to become the 71st regiment of the state militia, led under Colonel Abraham S. Vosburgh.

On April 16th, 1861, 380 men mustered under Colonel Vosburgh and paraded down New York Ave in response to Lincoln's request for troops to fight in the United States Civil War. The 71st played critical roles in two of the most famous Civil War battles including the First Battle of Bull Run where they protected the retreat, and two years later where they fought at the battle of Gettysburg.

On July 4th, 1867 the 71st Infantry regiment joined the 7th New York and served as riot control during the riots in the Sixth Ward between the Bowery Boys and the Dead Rabbits.
in New York United States of America
  • Glass negatives--1860-1870.
  • Stereographs--1860-1870.
  • 3 negatives (4 plates) : glass, stereograph, wet collodion.
  • Stereo filed in LOT 4190.
  • Caption from negative sleeve: A group of soldiers of Co. G. 71st N. Y. Vol.
  • Two plates form left (LC-B811-2413B) and right (LC-B811-2413A) halves of a stereograph pair; with variant views (LC-B811-2413C) and (LC-B811-2413D).
  • Corresponding print is in LOT 4190-E.
  • Forms part of Civil War glass negative collection (Library of Congress).


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