Anna Reiser Cupp and children, Harry & Verona

This is a photo of my grandmother's sister. Her name is Anna Reiser and she was born in Lamotte, Iowa in 1874, the 8th of 11 children. She moved with her parents, Nicholas and Suzanna Reiser and her siblings to Holt County, Nebraska in about 1885. She met and married Henry J. Cupp in Tulsa, Oklahoma sometime in the early 1900's. I cannot find any more information about her except that she is mentioned in many family obituaries as a surviving daughter or sister of the deceased. These obituaries say that she lived in Defiance, Ohio and was unable to attend the funeral in Nebraska. She died in 1934. Her children were daughter Verona born in 1905 who married Olin M. Roehring. Her sons, Harry J. Cupp born in 1906, Nicholas Cupp born in 1912, and Leonard Cupp born in 1913. All apparently were born in Ohio.
I would like to add more information about her family to my family tree.
Date & Place: in USA
Unknown - Unknown

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Kurt Lueken
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Kurt Lueken
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Thank you. Do you have any more info on the Anna & Henry Cupp family that you would be willing to share?
Feb 20, 2012 · Reply
Michael Hoffman
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The girls name is Veronica and she married Olin Roehrig. She had nine children, Gene, June, Wayne, John, Joyce, Lynn, Donald, Paul, Denny
Feb 05, 2012 · Reply
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